Sunday, September 14, 2014


It's not surprising The Tower would come up for me, given we are just past all the 9/11 memorial remembrances. The thing with The Tower is that it doesn't usually appear in my readings in a painful or negative sense. Oh to be sure, it's warned me many times and I did not listen, ultimately taking quite a tumble. But it has this alternate sense of what radiates down upon us in grace if we can only see and then avail ourselves of it. It's this sense I see in The Found Tarot Tower above. BTW, I just posted this photo (mundane title "Rise and Fall" [8-16-14 004v5]) to my dreams & poetry blog with a rather Tower-like dream poem. If you're curious about it, click here. And for comparison's sake, here's The Tower in the well-known Rider-Waite-Smith deck:

* * * *
'til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot, in whatever ways it comes to you in your life,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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