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FURTHER EXPLORATION of THE FOUR OF PENTACLES (4p): In the time since my first post about the 4P, I've collected a good many more thoughts and meanings. But first I want to share some more unusual versions of this card.

Below is the 4P in The Tarot of the 78 Doors, a very unusual rendering that both tickles and challenges me:

This next is from The Golden Tarot of Klimt, the expression on this face and the hand postures are priceless:

This third version is from The Thoth Tarot, the second deck I ever studied thoroughly almost 40 years ago.The 4P in this deck is called "Power" and was a welcome different slant on this card after having first studied the Rider/Waite/Smith (RWS) deck:

And for COMPARISON purposes here it is in the well-known Rider/Waite/Smith deck:

THE FOUR OF PENTACLES: The 4P is often said to be the card of the miser. To be certain the illustration that usually appears on it does look that way. And it does have just such an aspect at times. However, it is as rich in meanings as any of the other cards in the Tarot. I suppose I'm going to the trouble of stressing this as it's one of my family of cards in the deck (determined by numerology and astrology) as I'm a Capricorn and it's attributed to Capricorn. Although the Three of Pentacles is more specifically related to me via my actual birth date, I tend to resonate more with the 4P. Not to mention that it appears rather regularly in the readings I do for myself. And since today is my birthday (my 71st, say what?) I thought that of the cards I've amassed many additional meanings for, the 4P might be appropriate right about now. Last, as I was looking at the RWS version, I suddenly thought that the posture of this figure could be advising "Keep your feet on the ground, your heart center warmed, and your mind engaged."

MEANINGS/INSIGHTS/READINGS FOR THE FOUR OF PENTACLES, SOME LESS COMMON OR EVEN QUIRKY  -- Please note: The below is not intended to be an exhaustive exploration of this card; a quick Google will produce a wider variety of takes should you not be familiar with it. (Given my heavy reliance on projection of my feelings and experiences onto the cards, I recognize that I may very well reveal more about myself here than I do about any particular card. However, this is exactly my point: I use the cards as a path to self-discovery and healing. I hope what I post here that comes out of that process will be useful in some way to other seekers.):

-- Fear may be a companion of yours for some time to come. Make friends with it. Take what it teaches you and become a better manager of your life. But do not let fear take over control of the wheel. Stay in the driver's seat.

-- The best you can do right now is to hold on.  This rough ride will pass.

-- Aversion, greed's flipside. I.e., aversion can be a denial of a greed that's overwhelming or frightening; a greed we just cannot acknowledge.

-- Clinging to material things and/or beliefs and/or relationships because one can't bear to give up anything more than one already has had to.

-- Are you sure all you are taking so painfully to heart is yours to take on?  Or are you being unfairly projected on to by others?

-- Best to keep your own counsel on this. Your thinking and/or experience is way outside that of others in this case. There is no way, even done very tactfully or humorously, for you to express yourself without creating difficult reactions in others. Silence is truly golden with this.

-- The best one may be able to do in this difficult situation is to see to it one's own emotions don't get out of control. I.e., that one steers one's own ship carefully.

-- Your defensive mood and crankiness may be due to eating poorly.

-- Someone whose apparent over self-control was come by honestly. They have learned their intensity and very eccentric ideas need to be carefully modulated or they overwhelm some folk and put off others.

-- Consider that you may be trying to control things a bit too much, i.e. micromanaging where it's not needed.

-- Don't be miserly with your creativity out of fear of loss based on past experiences. Take a chance, things might just work out this time. And if they don't, what have you really lost?

-- Over-eating, or the desire to do so, or a warning it's in the offing.

-- Stresses may literally give you a stomach ache soon. Try to breath deeply, and take it easy.

-- You needn't swallow all that's said about this. In fact, it's best you not or you'll get one huge belly ache.

-- Don't lose heart, hang in and hang on. Things are changing for the better. Your personal power (the ability to effect changes) is returning.

-- You have the power to do pretty much what you will in this situation. But you can't do anything from behind locked gates. Openness is the key.

-- Can represent someone with almost mesmerizing personal power and/or physical presence.

-- This card is a good example of the expression "appearances can be deceiving." Things may appear to be sealed away in the dark. But there is much light here for those who do not beat on the door, demanding access. The drawbridge lowers and the gates open for those who are open themselves.

-- Let light in! Open the gates! Recharge your batteries by spending more time outdoors, maybe even with a friend.

-- Celebrate embodiment! For with your body you know the supportive Earth beneath your feet, the living faith of your heart, the brush of Spirit's wings at your crown. Yes, celebrate!

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N.B. A small thing, but just in case: some of the extra reference links offered at the very end of my oldest (years old) posts no longer work. As there are so many posts here to go through I am choosing not to find and change all of those links that are "dead." If you are interested, you can try Googling for the name of the site or article referenced. I've found that some are still around in new locations or incarnations, some not.

'til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot, in whatever ways it comes to you in your life,

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