Monday, June 18, 2007


First let me come clean and say I feel as if I've been cheating on this blog with my dreams and poetry blog, working on endless revisions of a lengthy three-part post on writing dreamku. And I keep wanting to say "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I've missed you and thought about you a lot. But I'm back and here's what I have to share today:"

The Eight of Coins (Pentacles) in the The Tarot of the Ages,
illustrated by Mario Garizio, instructions by Patrizia D'Agostino*

What I find intriguing about this Eight of Pentacles is that I simply chose a card by going through The Tarot of the Ages for one I thought was both different from the traditional and also really hooked me in some way. Then I went to my Tarot notes to see if any new meanings had occurred to me since I did the first post about this card. And this was the one new meaning I found:

"This is what is. No shame, no blame. Embrace it and then respond with compassion."

Now, couldn't that be a response to what I was feeling about having been cheating on this blog with one of my other blogs? :-) Of course, it is entirely possible I unconsciously remembered this meaning that I'd scribbled on a scrap of paper months ago and tucked away in my Tarot notes, and that prompted my choice of the Eight of Pentacles. But it still does my heart good to read it today, and for many more reasons than my blog work. For the other meanings I've "seen" you can read my first post for the Eight of Pentacles here.

*The Tarot of the Ages is an energetic, colorful, and sometimes intense deck, with a different culture on each of the four minor suits. The Majors have a lot of Egyptian symbolism, but also much from other cultures. The only drawback to the deck, IMHO, is that that cards should have been larger so that the details in the unusual and sometimes stunning artwork could be seen more clearly. You can click on the link below the card image above to see more cards from this deck.

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‘til next time, keep embracing the moment and enjoying The Tarot,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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