Monday, July 26, 2010


I'd hoped that having an article about my Taiga Tarot project published would have inspired some more designs on that project. But it seems Found Tarot designs are surfacing instead. Fine by me. As long as inspiration keeps coming for something from somewhere. :-) If only for the time I'm involved with inspirations, there's some relief from my on-going miserable navel gazing mood. (Please note some of these I've posted images for previously. Once I have all 78 cards -- and that's certainly a looooong way off -- I'll chose the best of any multiple images I have at that time.)

The first that grabbed me today is The Devil ... and that's not really a surprise, given what I say above about my miserable mood. In more traditional Devil card designs there are chains, here it's a metal screen. In the former, the chains usually appear loose and easily escapable; in this one escape isn't readily apparent. One could even see this apparatus as a sun screen which is not a bad thing. And that echos one of the readings for the more traditional Devil -- The Guardian at the Gate. The one who keeps us from going further/deeper, until we are ready to.


This next, The Chariot/VII, is partly a joke. It's one of those photos I just get a kick out of. However, when I think on it the neural pathways for how we drive the chariots of our lives do get largely laid down in our youngest years.


Here's one I didn't see The Star (XVII) card in until I cropped it a bit for a photo exhibit. Then it became obvious. This was taken up in Solvang, CA in a town with a Hans Christian Andersen museum, statues, etc., that I love to wonder around. It's a pretty town that, at least for me, does tend to allow a little hope to sneak in to my spirit, no matter my mood.


And in that same vein, another photo taken in Solvang in which I see The Tower, XVI. A rather "Romeo & Juliet" balcony-type Tower, or better, an ivory or Rapunzel Tower. A painful distance between one's reality and the yearned for enlightenment. One could see this as a "pre-lightning bolt" Tower card.


The last for today is one taken on the retirement community grounds where I live. As I've said before here probably, I love the contrast between architecture and nature. As a Three of Wands, this choice is (at least to me) pretty straight forward: looking forward. And those three little bars at the bottom, the three wands.


Right now that dark horizontal bar across the above Three of Wands is about all I seem to be focussing on. Maybe I should meditate on The Star.

* * * *

‘til next time, try keeping an eye out for Tarot images around you, and see what happens,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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