Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It never rains but it pours ... literally. The brief break from a week of rain storms here in usually sunny South Central California is over. More rain, for which we can ultimately be grateful (especially if there aren't any mudslides from wildfire ravaged mountainsides). This time my mood is matching it, drop for drop. But that's mostly because we have a full moon coming on Saturday and I get wonky under waxing gibbous moons. Anyway, on to the new Found Tarot card...

I went around back to one of the gardens here on our grounds to try to capture some of the last clinging red fall leaves on a tree. And, as always, got caught up in everything around as well. I'd cropped the image below several different times trying to get it "right" when it hit me: The Two of Pentacles. (More accurately, The Two of Disks, as I was seeing its resemblance to that card in The Thoth Tarot.)

That second pentacle/disk on the bottom is a bit squished but that about fits how I'm feeling today. :-) Seriously however, I'm not surprised this card about change would present in my life just now. I've begun a major change. Or rather am clearly seeing the need for it. Hm, maybe that's the same thing because until we see the need clearly nothing can change. It's also a very timely reminder that the only stability is change. Even these succulents represent that principal. They weren't this big (at least a foot across) or lush even a few days ago. That week of rains has left an explosion of greenery and wildflowers behind it everywhere.

* * * *

‘til next time, keep riding the winds of change and enjoying The Tarot,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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