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KNIGHT OF WANDS MEDITATION (On Sage of Wands in The Voyager Tarot)

Sage (Knight) of Wands -- "Seer" -- in The Voyager Tarot


Below is an edited transcript of a lengthy meditation I did recently on The Sage of Wands in The Voyager Tarot, which could be corresponded to The Knight of Wands in more traditional decks. Each of fourteen nights I meditated on one of the Ace through King of this deck – which is ideal for such use. It not only deepened and widened my understandings for each card in general, but yielded many valuable personal insights and a lot of support. (I’ve edited out some personal insights as they would require too much explaining. And even then, not be all that relevant to the card for someone else.)

What I share below would be better called a “writing meditation.” I light a candle and incense, cast a sacred circle, and then look at the card until I start having responses. Then I write and write, without pausing, except to look at the card again (and not all that often). With each of the fourteen cards I wrote for an hour to an hour and a half.

I do have a decidedly psychological approach to The Tarot. Even so, at least from my perspective, this meditation shows how the energies of the Knight/Sage of Wands can sometimes operate. It also illustrates one way of meditating with the Tarot cards. Of course, should you try Tarot card meditation the results would be uniquely yours. (E.g., I can imagine that a person with a more intellectual approach would get very different kinds of results from mine.) The Tarot has a great deal to offer each one of us, according to our individual lights and needs.

Lastly, you will note a switch from the “I” to the “you” voice at two points. This is when I feel I am being “spoken to,” as opposed to being the speaker. (This voice, more present in others of these meditations, is often a “we” voice. It tends to offer tough love, saying the hard things I need to hear. But it is always working for the highest good.) To help distinguish it from the “I” voice, its comments are italicized.


I’m still a bit sweaty and shaky from doing some heavy house work, so the fiery look of this card is certainly appropriate. :-) Hm. Yes, I can see the Knight of Wands here, taking the Page’s new energy out into the world, sharing the results of years of listening and growth.

This card is an interesting complement to the previous, The Child (Page) of Wands. The Child of Wands being quiet and receptive and this one being active and perceptive, but both with an incredible openness – The Child in awe and this Sage in joy. With the name “Sage” I think of wisdom accrued over a lifetime. An even deeper wisdom is knowing one doesn’t know it all and that what one does know can change on a dime. Then holding that wisdom – which can be frightening at times – within a warm sense of humor about life’s variety and tricks. (Love the grin on the face of the “Shaman” in the lower left of the card.) Also knowing that things one sees are ultimately only guidelines and provisional ones at that. Yet still taking the chance and sharing those guidelines for what ever they might offer others. Then, celebrating all of this!

So, what does this “Seer” [the title of this Sage of Wands] have to say to me tonight? LOL! See what happens when you eat well and are more physically active? There’s room for some positivity. Ah, yes, there’s also something here about the fires of digestion, both metaphorically and literally. Neither works well for me when fed sugar, and especially grains. It’s like throwing sand or wet blankets on a fire expecting it to keep burning.

Hm! This is a rather masculine card (though to be honest I can’t be certain of the sex of two of the figures, though I think they’re male), which would fit elementally as this card is attributed to “fire of fire.” Interesting, one of my dreams last night had a bunch of naked men climbing out of a didjeridu. Didjeridus are like the ultimate wand, being made from a tree branch. But back to this maleness, and the men in last night’s dream: I am not comfortable with it at all. Whereas I was at home with The Child (Page) of Wands. The energy of this card can all too readily turn aggressive, and not always in direct or overt ways. “Sages” can control, use, and manipulate others. (Women "Sages" can do this too, of course. It’s the energy that’s masculine not necessarily its user.) I fear this as I have been manipulated in that way by so-called gurus and leaders. That misuse is the shadow of the power that comes with partial wisdom. But it cannot succeed unless the shadow of the one who seeks out the Sage wants to give up the responsibility for him/herself. This is where I worry I could still get hooked. I tend still to yearn to be taken care of. And I know this now all too well, therefor will not fully trust any “Sage,” for fear I’ll give up my own power again. My mistrust of authorities is therefore really a mistrust of myself.

These ideas are not really new to me, but considering what I have to be doing in my life right now they are very illuminating, to the point, and energizing. The world has nothing it needs to prove to me. I need to prove to myself that I am OK, and am capable and willing to move forward, beyond all this muck and mire I tend to create that I could suffocate in if I don’t get the hell into fast (fiery) motion! Which is what I’ve been doing these past several months, betwixt and between collapses back into the muck. This pattern does not reveal failure or weakness, but a tremendous gumption and a fiery determination that gives me deep and far seeing vision and a huge strength to move boulders. I am sort of sensing, rather than “hearing” that other voice urging me to really recognize my power. Yes, I see my power. I acknowledge it. I embrace it. This is the fire that does not burn but leads to life. May I not forget all this when the flames are less obvious behind life’s inevitable dark clouds. Steady as she goes! No turning back, no giving up. I see a new life taking shape in the flames....


Resource: Knight of Wands in The Taiga Tarot, not surprisingly one of my recent Taiga Tarot deck designs was this card. You can also see here a more traditional version of The Knight of Wands (scroll past the Knight of Wands black and white design).

‘til next time, keep sharing your wisdom in joy, and enjoying The Tarot,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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