Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Here’s a Magician (I) card for The Found Tarot, that I took about two weeks ago here on the grounds of the retirement community I live in:


The Magician, you might well say? OK. There’s a lemniscate (infinity sign) in the upper middle clouds. That jet stream is a sword symbol. The buildings are very earthy, and the trees are wands. Clouds are comprised of water. Those flat building tops are very table-like. The entire scene has a feeling of something magical about to stir.

Here’s the Rider/Waite/Smith Magician for comparison:

I wish my photo were as magical an experience to view as the sky was that day. A friend had excitedly pointed out that afternoon that the clouds in the low middle were vaguely rainbow colored (a bit more so than shows in the photo). And that jet trail appeared as other folk were gathering around and I snapped pictures. However, I did not notice the lemniscate in the upper middle clouds until I saw the photos on my computer screen. That’s when it hit me this picture was The Magician.

As I wondered what this Found Tarot Magician has to say to me today -- I’m sure I felt urged to do this post today at some sort of right brain prompting :-D -- I thought that my current frustration is with being back at the drawing board, again. Seeing The Magician’s table as such, I have all the tools for a new effort gathered on it in preparation. Actually, I’ve several projects tabled -- if you’ll pardon the pun -- from which I can choose. Now is the time to pick one and begin a concentrated effort. Last, that vague rainbow has a future feel to it. Given the grayness of the buildings and their blankness, a rainbow -- no matter how pale and distant -- holds promise.

* * * *

'til next time, keep working the magic inherent in preparation and concentraton, and enjoying The Tarot,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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