Friday, October 10, 2014


My penchant when working on photos is largely for the non-representational. When this vastly fudged with pic (10-7-14 009v3e[1]) above appeared on my screen after applying the umpteenth Photoshop filter I immediately thought "The Tower"! So on the outside chance anyone else will see it also, here it is. And for comparison, below is The Tower (XVI) in the well-known Ride/Waite/Smith deck:

Maybe I should do some amplification (in the Jungian sense) of XVI, by reading about it in several different books. Although it's not been showing up in my readings for myself, it did show up in my previous post to this blog. And other Found Tarot XVI versions appear in several older posts. I found amplification very interesting and helpful many years ago when The Moon card kept popping up in my life. I suspect what I'll find out about visits from The Tower, is that this is a time of much forced letting go for me. Well, that does happen at this end of life -- I'll be 71 in three months. But also that "light" (understanding and acceptance) will come right along with it all. I certainly hope so, as right now I'm coping with the most intense Seasonal Affect Disorder I've had in several years. Hm, S.A.D. could be one "meaning" for The Tower card. I'll have to think on that.

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'til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot, in whatever ways it comes to you in your life,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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