Monday, September 23, 2013


TODAY'S card is THE SIX OF SWORDS. This first version below is by Stephanie Pui Mun Law:

And here's another one of my favorite Six of Swords, from the The Victorian Romantic Tarot:

And for comparison, here's the Rider/Waite/Smith Six of Swords:

THE SIX OF SWORDS: For many years I've been slowly but surely doing a post for each card in the Tarot on the meanings I tend to see for it. I'm down to not even a half dozen left to do. Up till now I've tended to choose one from that undone bunch that drew me in some way. Last night none of the remaining cards really tugged at me so I went with the one for which I'd gathered the most "meanings." I was actually surprised at just how many "meanings" I'd collected for it over the years. And given this, I wondered why I'd not felt pulled to post on this six before. As I transcribed my "meaning" notes -- most of my note taking is in shorthand -- I saw how many of them have to do with leaving and/or moving on. And last night after doing the first draft of this post I had a dream about leaving an apartment I lived in for 23 years before moving here to California in 2008. I guess I just wasn't ready until now to recognize how I am moving on (and what work is yet left to do on this) from that life I left back in New York. It seems even though I did not feel a pull toward the Six of Swords, it found its supportive way into my awareness anyway. Put in my peculiar Six of Swords language: it got it's message across.

DIFFERENT OR LESS COMMON, EVEN QUIRKY MEANINGS FOR AND INSIGHTS ABOUT THE SIX OF SWORDS -- Please note: the below is not intended to be an exhaustive exploration of this card; a quick google will produce a wider variety of takes should you not be familiar with this card:

Fear that someone close to you is or will be dying. Whether this proves to be true or not, what is important now is to figure out the source of this fear in yourself so that it does not negatively impact on your relationship.

The title of a book of poems by Anne Sexton: An Awful Rowing Toward God.

It's truly over and/or no longer viable, and time to move on. But not without mourning for what's been lost/let go.

Mourning will slowly free you from the shores of what has been.

Yes, you can leave this situation but nothing much will ultimately change as given where you are right now you will be taking yourself and your current beliefs and behaviors right along with you.

Nothing can be done no matter how clearly you see the need to move on (or for someone else to do so). Just wait for now. Things should be more amenable to a change soon.

Try to view things uncolored by how you want them to be.

You may be sorely tempted to "fold up your tent" and "leave town." However, as difficult, frustrating, and apparently endless and enervating as this all is, it's probably better to hang in. Things are ripe for change, especially a different way of seeing them that's tantamount to change.

Gaining perspective on today by looking at the past.(E.g., What about today is like back then? What do I not want to repeat? What do I need to accept?)

You'll shortly be in a new place or position with respect to this issue. Especially if you take a more spiritual perspective on it and are willing to work hard.

Yes, you have a clear perspective on this new journey. Just be sure not to cling to it, but let it evolve as the journey progresses.

Someone whose natural ability to achieve a broad perspective can make her feel distant from others at times. Others may also perceive her as distant as well.

Get over it! Rise above it. It'll be a real trip (in that old hippie sense of this word) but well worth it.

A good time to look over one's past without getting emotionally re-embroiled in it all, by taking a light view from the distance of time passed.

You may need to navigate through and cope with some old emotions and thinking patterns, raised by memories. Once through them you'll be in a place of new understanding.

It may not feel like it yet, but you are "getting over" this situation/issue, and/or moving to a new place with respect to it.

The need to get something across to someone, such as your point in an important discussion.

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'til next time, keep enjoying The Tarot, in whatever ways it comes to you in your life,

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