Friday, February 16, 2007

PORTRAIT OF "L," Another Way to View The Chariot

The Chariot (Queen Boudicca) from The Sacred Circle Tarot*

The below poem was written as a birthday gift in 1990 for a woman friend. I've always seen a Chariot card in it, although I did not write it with that in mind. I just thought about my friend, her forthright way of speaking, and her intense search for truth.


The Lady lightly holds the reins
of Her golden chariot,
as it glides across the skies
and oceans, and rumbles
on the earth.

Wild and wondrous beasts, ridden
by singing children pull
her wheeling throne.

Their colors of russet and green,
silver, cerulean, and brown
echo in her wind-blown gown.
Dare a question as she approaches
and listen closely for Her answer.

For it may come in Her commanding
tongue, be roared from throat
of beast, or sung by vulnerable child,
but always it will open doorways
onto long-forgotten landscapes
or undiscovered dreams.

Long after passing through,
Her kaleidoscopic quest
will whirl in your heart:
no rest, no holding back,
only the hunt for truth.

* * * *

*Please excuse the stripes my scanner introduced to this image. Some card surfaces seem to cause these more than others.

Resource: Colours. I thought I recalled the color corresponded to The Chariot is often said to be yellow; to be sure I checked it out on this site, and the chart agrees with my aging memory. :-)

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‘til next time, keep listening for and speaking the truth, and enjoying The Tarot,


[aka: Patricia Kelly]

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A friend and I had a discussion about which card would most represent Valentine's Day. I really like The Ten of Cups because it's inclusive in it's radiating of love, i.e. not focusing just on a couple (as in The Lovers). The Ace of Cups also seems a good one to me. My friend suggested The Fool, the hopeful innocent Fool. As I thought about it, The Fool, too, seems very appropriate. The dear Fool, carrying his white rose.

Ooops! I'm still "on vacation" from blog work, so I'll end here and let the red rose above carry my hope that you all have a magical, wonderful day!