Wednesday, January 09, 2008

THE HIEROPHANT (Ganesh) in The Secret Dakini Oracle

The Hierophant (5 Ganesh/Lord of Obstacles) in The Secret Dakini Oracle

In the previous post I spoke about how one can identify one's own "family" of cards in the Tarot. Although The Hierophant happens to be one in my family (I'm a 5 by birth date and my name also adds to 5), that is not why I chose it today. I just had a feeling this particular version had something to say to me after a particularly hard day dealing with many both worldly and emotional issues. As my move to California on February 6th gets closer, the problems multiply and my ability to cope shrinks.

As soon as I pulled this card up on my screen I got what it had to say, and then some! Yes, we may be caught in a huge web of snafus, delays, problems, hostilities, etc., but with dear Ganesh at our center we will make it through.

Then I noted that in this deck Ganesh is named "Lord of Obstacles," as distinct from "Remover of Obstacles" as He is almost always called. This points to something I have thought for some time. That Ganesh may serve an even more primary purpose than removing obstacles, He may place those we most need and can learn from in our paths to begin with so that we will be empowered by dealing with them. This is not to say that He does not also remove obstacles. E.g., many times today I felt Him moving me forward; in essence pushing the obstacle of myself out of my own way. :-D Oh my, I just flashed on a childhood memory that illustrates this. I was terrified to ride my first two wheeled bike without my father holding the seat behind me to keep me upright. He insisted I would do fine, then gave me a good shove to get me going, and let go. And I did do just fine.

And how might all this relate to Tarot "meanings" for The Hierophant? The Hierophant is, IMHO, above all about spiritual lessons/teaching. Especially intuition, i.e. "inner tuition." (Along with The High Priestess.) It is often due to those tugs and little shoves of intuition that we move in ways from which we learn.

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