Sunday, March 02, 2008


PATIENCE, from the Oracle of the Grail Code deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky

This is not a Tarot deck, but non-Tarot oracles work the same way as Tarots. Not in their particular organization, of course; e.g., this deck has no suits. But non-Tarot oracles, just as the Tarot does, offer wisdom, support and guidance when we are open to them. And I've been in need of this sort of help as the enormity of my move cross-country to California has finally settled in. I'm feeling overwhelmed and a bit blue. (I have no regrets, though. I know now for sure it was the right move, at the right time.) So I took out this beautiful deck, one of my newest, and asked: What is my single most important challenge at present? I got the above card, PATIENCE.

Well, that got a big laugh of recognition out of me. I've been feeling compelled to get everything done, now, if not sooner, and endlessly impatient and irritated at the inevitable snafus and delays. That "everything" includes not only getting my studio completely together, but meeting and greeting all 200 residents here and remembering all their names, having some of my collages in a residents' art exhibit, performing in a residents' talent show, learning my way around the grounds and so on ... phew, I got tired just typing that. :-) And feeling very anxious when I take any down time, such as even to work on my blogs or (heavens forbid!) watch some T.V. So just seeing the name for the card and the lovely serene figure, prompted me to take a deep breath and tell myself it doesn't all have to get done in the first month I'm here.

Then I went to the small hard cover book that comes with the deck. (BTW, I will be featuring this delightful deck in a future post, and will go more into its philosophical underpinnings then.) The "Meanings" for Patience make clear the connection between impatience and a difficulty in knowing one has the right simply to be, as one is, at any given moment. I'd not realized my often fractious impatience is rooted in a feeling I'm not OK as I am at any given moment. Something needs to be done now or I will be judged and harshly -- by myself and/or by others. And my impatience with others is also rooted in that, because when I am delayed by someone else I feel I will somehow be the one at fault as I'm not OK (have no right just to be) to begin with. (That's very simply put, but I don't think this is the forum in which to wander any further through my psyche. :-D)

After the meanings offered for each card in the book, there is an appropriate and moving meditation one can just read or do. The meditation for Patience leads to a dialogue with the Divine Mother. (Synchronistically, my dreams last night indirectly referenced my actual mother.) How perfect, when something as fundamental as a troubled sense of one's right to simply be underlies the issue at hand...being reassured, encouraged, and guided by the Divine Mother.

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